BringYourOwnBag Delaware

Advocacy is not a Four Letter Word!

You CAN make a difference!

 You can make a difference by writing or calling your state legislators and encouraging their support to pass legislation to address plastic pollution. 

You can find your legislator and contact info HERE.

Key points:
 The facts are in!  “Disposable” plastic bags:

  • blight our neighborhoods
  • detract from tourism
  • kill marine and farm animals, damages marine habitat
  • clog storm water management systems ($$$)
  • waste taxpayer funds (cleanup)
  • waste non-renewable resources (oil and gas in production and transportation)
  • create more air pollution (production and transportation)
  • and photodegrade into toxic particles which end up in our own food chain. 

Thank you again for your commitment to protecting our planet.  Every voice makes a difference!!